Email Verification API

Verify email addresses on the fly with our real-time Email Verification API. Our solution improves the quality of your email data by identifying mistyped email addresses as they happen and prompting customers to make the necessary corrections. It’s the ideal solution for web forms and landing pages, Ecommerce shopping carts, web applications, and call centers.

What does our API do?

WinPure Email Verifier Pro API can be used to check email addresses in real-time. We don’t just check syntax and domain, we also check that the user mailbox is available. This is the only way to know for sure if an email address is valid.

It has been shown that up to 30% of emails entered online can be erroneous, ill-formed or misspelt. WinPure Email Verifier Pro API stops a user submitting invalid data before it even enters your system.

Possible applications for the email verification API

  • If you operate a lead generation web site, blog or forum make it harder for users to sign up with false emails.
  • For e-commerce checkouts, make sure customers receive their order notifications by preventing invalid emails from being entered.
  • If your call center takes email addresses as part of the customer contact data, real-time verification can greatly reduce the amount of incorrectly keyed emailed addresses.
  • For software vendors where email addresses are captured as part of the on-boarding process, integrate full email verification as a value-add for your service.
  • With the WinPure Email Verifer Pro API, there is no need any more to take incorrect email addresses and wait for them to bounce!

Your lists are stored for up to 60 days, with the original filename preserved.

API Documentation

Email Verification API download

Better User Experience

Avoid having your customers confirm their email a second time, with a clear valid email message.

Easy Integration

Easily add email validation to your existing website using our API, with full documentation provided.

Only Accept Accurate Data

Avoid any potential deliverability issues, improve your reputation with ESPs and ensure you get contact your customers.

Monthly Plans

Cost effective monthly cleansing plans based on the number of API requests made from your online forms.

Many Applications

Solution for lead generation, ecommerce, call-centres, membership sites and more.

Cost Saving

Maintaining a high standard of email data avoids missed revenue and saves on unnecessary sending costs.

What makes us different?

We’ve gone further with our API than any other provider. Here are some unique benefits :-

  • We’ve got Yahoo covered. Period! No other provider can match the accuracy of our Yahoo results.
  • Our domain based authentication version allows you to fully utilize our email verification API within your client side code (jQuery etc.) to provide a fast real-time response to the user without refreshing the page, and without exposing your API key.
  • Our correction and suggestion features will really help your user experience and conversions.
  • Out of the box integrations – ask us about our WordPress and Magento modules. If you wish to integrate another third party solution, just let us know!

How much does it cost?

We have a very simple, highly competitive fee structure, being a fixed monthly amount based on average monthly validations. The pricing starts at $40 per month for up to 5,000 monthly validations. For usage above your monthly quota we have a flat “overages” charge of $0.005 per validation request.
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Avoid having your customers confirm their email a second time, with a clear valid email message.

WinPure Email Verification API is built to work with all Python based platforms.

We’re optimised to run with Java oriented environments.


If you’d like to ask any questions about our market leading email verification API please complete all sections of the form below.